Has the value of your home or property decreased in the past several years? Probably so, so it may be time to appeal your real estate tax assessment.

Unless one lives under a rock, he or she knows that real estate is not selling for what it once did several years ago.  With that being the case, chances are the tax assessment on one’s home or property is too high and the property owner is paying more than his or her fair share for their property tax bill. 

There are many things that go into appealing one’s assessment.  One can’t just show up at the board of equalization and say “my value’s too high, please reduce it.”  No, a person has to have sales to show that things in the vicinity of the property are lower than what the subject property is being assessed at.  Also, it’s good to compare the subject property to other like and similar properties in the vicinity, to check out the overall dollars per square foot, to see how the subject property compares to the comparables. 

Face it folks, the counties and municipalities were “chasing” those sales in the mid 2000’s and they were putting those assessments at or near what things were selling for.  They also didn’t decrease the millage rates on the tax commissioner’s side, so the tax money came pouring in.  Well, now that the values of real estate have vastly declined, the counties and municipalities are not wanting to or willing to decrease  the tax assessment on their own, because that reduces the amount of money they can collect at the commissioner’s office.  Also, here in GA, the education portion of the millage rate is the largest part of a tax bill.  From what i understand, it can’t exceed 20 mills without putting it up for vote for the tax payers to decide.  So, with that being the case, just about every school system in every county and municipality in GA is at 20 mills or darn near close to it, so when the overall tax digest decreases by people winning lower assessments through property tax appeal, that means the school systems collect less money from the county they are in as well as the state.  That’s not the taxpayer’s fault though, and no one should pay more than their fair share for property taxes.  If one hasn’t appealed his assessment in the past couple of years, chances are he or she is getting ripped off and paying more than should be paid. 

If anyone reading this feels like that applies to him or her, i may be able to help you to be able to pay only your fair share for your property taxes by appealing your assessment.  Please contact me with any questions or comments.  I work in all of the 20 major metro counties in and around Atlanta as well as some of the larger municipalities in GA.

About taxappealatlanta
I help my clients save money on their property tax bills by appealing their property tax assessments. I primarily work in the metro Atlanta GA area, including Fulton, and Dekalb Counties, but also work all over the southeast.

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