It is state law in GA that the taxpayer, or its’ agent, may be present while the board of equalization deliberates and makes its’ decision on the fair market value.

After attending hundreds of appeals throughout the years, nine times out of ten, i’ll know if i was able to convince the board of equalization to adjust the value down for my client.  However, every once in awhile, i’ll do an appeal that i just knew was a “slam dunk” and i’ll receive a notice where the board “upheld,” or “no changed” the assessor’s fair market value, and that is extremely frustrating. 

It’s frustrating because the appeal is over and finished and one can’t go back and ask those members of the board: “Why didn’t you reduce this value?”  “I showed you this, this, this and this and i showed you where the county was weak here on this, this, this and this.”

So, starting two years ago, after every board of equalization hearing i go to, irregardless of what county i am in in GA, i ask that i be allowed to be present while the board deliberates, and that i understand that i can’t communicate or interject anything at that point.  I think it helps the taxpayer to sit in there, to see the thinking and the logic behind the board’s decision.  I am fairly certain one would be shocked to see how little attention actually goes into rendering the decision as to the fair market value on a property.  Also, one would be shocked to see the reasoning and justification behind which way a board will rule on a value.  Sometimes it’s plain sad and sometimes it’s just plain funny, but it is what it is.

So, for the person doing his or her own appeal at the b.o.e, please be sure and tell the board members that you intend to sit there while they deliberate.  This way, one can see exactly what went on during the deliberations.  Typically the board will go ahead and tell what their decision on the value is at this time as well.  Nothing like instant gratification, or instant humiliation, right?

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I help my clients save money on their property tax bills by appealing their property tax assessments. I primarily work in the metro Atlanta GA area, including Fulton, and Dekalb Counties, but also work all over the southeast.

2 Responses to It is state law in GA that the taxpayer, or its’ agent, may be present while the board of equalization deliberates and makes its’ decision on the fair market value.

  1. I truely hate the Dekalb BOE members, I’ve had hearings with. The balance between county and tax payer is tiped in the county’s favor for $60.00 a day and power and influence over others. Board members I met with today, 6/18/12, were Lilly Hobbs, Joy McKnight, and Robert Glover. Any information on these or other board members would be appreciated. I want to do anything (legal) I can to take that power and influence from them. Groups, protest, petitions, meetings, anything.

    • You need to contact Debra DeBerry, clerk of Superior Ct. In Dekalb County. She oversees the selection of the members. She basically hires and fires them. Google her email address and send her a complaint. Also, Byron Scott runs the B.O.E. Email him too. I’m sorry you had a rough time. Sometimes they treat me bad too, but I always rattle the cage a little bit. I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve seen it all and heard it all. I know what is allowed and what isn’t allowed and i’ve only learned it from doing it so often.

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