When choosing a tax consulting company to represent you, ask who in the company will be “working” your account.

With the combination of the real estate values and the market declining over the past few years, and the in depth research and articles the Atlanta Journal and Constitution has done during this time, there appear to be many new people in the business of appealing property tax assessments.  This business used to be a nitch type thing, where not many people were in it, especially in Atlanta.  The same faces would show up at the various assessor’s offices and boards of equalization throughout metro Atlanta.  But now it seems that everyone from ex residential realtors, ex commercial realtors, appraisers, lawyers and anyone with a pulse, considers himself or herself a “tax rep.”  When shopping for a company to represent you in regards to your property tax appeal, ask the sales person at the tax consulting firm, “who is going to work my account?”  How many years experience does he or she have?  How many appeals has he or she done in their career?  How many properties is he or she responsible for the tax appeal situation on?  Does he or she have an appraiser’s license and a real estate license?  Is the owner of the company going to be working my account?  These are good questions that potential clients need to know the answer to.  Some companies have high overheads and employ many people and are set up to do a large volume of appeals.  Typically they won’t appeal the assessment on a small property because they can’t make any money doing it.  They are set up to appeal the larger assessments, so that the fees generated will keep them afloat. Some companies are small and don’t have a large overhead and can work fewer properties and smaller properties.  Whoever you decide to go with, make sure you speak with the representative in charge of your account and make sure you feel comfortable with him or her and their ability to obtain a reduction.  Experience is definitely the name of the game in this deal.

About taxappealatlanta
I help my clients save money on their property tax bills by appealing their property tax assessments. I primarily work in the metro Atlanta GA area, including Fulton, and Dekalb Counties, but also work all over the southeast.

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