Dekalb County Assessment notices to be mailed out May 28, 2011

I had two board of equalization hearings, in Dekalb County, yesterday.  I spoke with an appraiser about when Dekalb’s  assessment notices were going to be mailed out.  I was told May 28 and that one has until the middle of July to file an appeal.  If anyone needs professional representation regarding his or her property tax appeal, please contact me, Rob Vinson, at


After one receives his or her notice, go on the county assessor’s website and fill out the PT331 appeal form to initiate the appeal process.

Hundreds of thousands of assessment notices have been mailed out recently in the metro Atlanta area.  If one is going to appeal his or her assessment, he or she needs to go on the assessor’s website and fill the form out on line.  Nine times out of ten people will appeal to the board of equalization.  It’s free and their decision is binding.  Once the form is filled out and the few questions answered, print it out and hand carry it to the assessor’s office and get a copy of it hand stamped in.  If anyone needs professional help appealing his or her assessment, please contact me, Rob Vinson, at  Thank you.

The recent 2011 Fulton County Assessment Notices have an error on the estimated tax amount.

Fulton County didn’t have the “bugs” worked out of the software that calculated the estimated taxes, for the current assessment notices that just went out.  So, if one sees that the 2011 fair market value is the same on the notice as the final 2010 value, but the amount of taxes due increased 30% ,40% or 50%, disregard the tax amount due.  It is incorrect.  If the fair market value remained the same as tax year 2010, then the property taxes due will be approximately the same amount.  If anyone is interested in having his or her assessment appealed by a professional with 17 years experience, please contact me, Rob Vinson, at  Thanks.

Assessment notice dates for various metro Atlanta Counties.

Cobb, Gwinnett and Clayton have already mailed their 2011 assessment notices out.  Fulton is supposed to mail their assessment notices out on May 7.  (It will take awhile for them to get mailed out as they are doing them in batches.  There are 335,000 parcels in Fulton County.)  Dekalb County is supposed to maile their notices out May 14.  Rockdale County is mailing their notices out sometimes between May 6 and May 13.   After a notice is mailed out there is a six week window of which to file an appeal.  If anyone has any questions or comments pertaining to appealing his or her property taxes, please contact me at