Appeal deadlines are approaching quickly…be sure and file an appeal before the deadline to protect your appeal rights for tax year 2011.

Whenever I appeal a property, I always fill out the appeal form, make a copy for myself and hand carry it to whatever county it is where the property is that I am appealing.  Most people who aren’t in the business aren’t going to do this, but I always recommend that he or she mail the form in certified, return receipt requested, and stick the card in the file when it is mailed back to him or her.  That way, there is a signature and date showing that the appeal letter had been received.  Don’t trust the regular mail service to get your appeal to the right place.  I can’t tell you how many times over the years that the county “didn’t receive it in time.”  Or, “it must have gotten lost in the mail.”  If anyone needs professional representation with his or her appeal, please contact me at or check out my website at  Thanks, Rob Vinson