Dekalb County Board of Equalization “Calendar Call” a.k.a. “Cattle Call” for hearings

The Dekalb County B.O.E. has been running way behind in getting to / through their tax year 2011 real estate and personal property tax appeals. So, about three weeks ago, they started having two shifts of “first come, first served” hearings. Yesterday, I got to the b.o.e. room at 7:50 and put my name on the list for an 8:30 appeal and I finally got back to my office at 10:40….then I had a 1:00 appeal and got to the b.o.e. room at 12:30 and got back to my office at 3:45. Truly a huge waste of a day, but one has no choice if he wants to question the valuation placed on one’s property. I am just hoping that other counties don’t start doing the same thing because it makes it impossible for one to plan out one’s day by having to be kept there for hours and hours on end. On top of that, the waiting room doesn’t even have enough seats for everyone, so there are literally 50 plus people in a 70 square foot area…For those of you who don’t want to have to waste their time with appealing their assessment, hire a professional (Like me 😉 ) to do it for you. It doesn’t cost as much as one would think. Email me, Rob Vinson, or call me at 404-218-7874. My website is  By the way, it was worth the wait yesterday as I was able to save one client $850.00 on her tax bill and another one $2,300 on his tax bill.


2012 property tax assessments, Gwinnett County, GA

The Gwinnett County Assessor’s Office will be mailing out their 2012 assessment notices on April 6, 2012. Once the notices are sent out, there is a 45 day window to file an appeal. Should anyone require professional assisstance appealing his or her assessment, please contact me at or at 404-218-7874. Thanks, Rob Vinson