Problems with boards of equalization at Dekalb County?

I’ve had 9 appeals at Dekalb County in the past 3 weeks. I’ve won 6 out of the 9 appeals that I’ve presented. I feel like that if I had appeared before 2 fewer of the boards of equalization that I appeared before, I would have been able to have won all 9. Some of the board members are great and do their jobs correctly, but more often than not, there are boards who don’t listen or pay attention to the data that is presented and only do what the county appraiser recommends… Which is always to uphold or no change the value. If anyone reading this has experienced the incompetency that I have, please let the head of the board of equalization know. His name is Byron Scott. He is very attentive and he runs the board well. Also, contact the clerk’s office at Dekalb County. Ms. Lisa Oakley is who I’ve contacted in the past. She’s listens very well and takes her job seriously. Her department is over the board of equalization. I also recently found out that the board members don’t have sovereign immunity and that they can be sued individually. I have heard that some board members were sued at Fulton County. The board of equalization is a serious thing and the people who serve on it should remain un biased and pay attention. In other words they shouldn’t just “mail it in” with a rubber stamp no change like the county assessors want them to. Should anyone need help with his or her appeal, please contact me, Rob Vinson at 404-218-7874 or email me at I have 21 years experience and I win 98% of the appeals that I agree to take on. Experience helps win appeals.


About taxappealatlanta
I help my clients save money on their property tax bills by appealing their property tax assessments. I primarily work in the metro Atlanta GA area, including Fulton, and Dekalb Counties, but also work all over the southeast.

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