If you don’t succeed at the b.o.e., pay the $25.00 to file it to court

One thing new in GA, for 2016, is the law that was passed allowing the taxpayer to file his or her appeal to court for just $25.00. In the past, it would be approximately $250.00 to file the matter on to court.  With having the filing fee so high, it cut down on the number of people filing their tax appeals on to court after losing at the board of equalization.  I have had three hearings in Dekalb County and one at Fulton County this tax year where the board of equalization didn’t reduce the value to what I thought was fair. Each time, I paid the $25.00 to file the matter to court.  By law, the county must meet with the tax payer within thirty days to try and settle the matter before actually going to court.  I have settled each of the four cases at the settlement conference meetings.  Also, the county refunds your $25.00 if you come to an agreement. If anyone needs help with real tax appeals, please contact me, Rob Vinson, at 404-218-7874 or email me at info@taxappealatlanta.comhttp://www.taxappealatlanta.com