Appealing 2011 Assessments…as long as one has closed on his or her property by whatever county’s appeal deadline, he or she may appeal for 2011.

In years past, it used to be that if a person purchased a property after January 1 of that tax year, then he or she had to wait until the following year to file an appeal for that’s year’s assessment.  Not so anymore. So, for example, Fulton and Dekalb are mailing out there 2011 notices in the middle of May meaning that as long as the property has conveyed by the appeal dealine, June 30 or so, one may appeal for 2011.  Gwinnett is sending their residential notices out on April 15, so one has until May 31, 2011 to appeal.  If anyone has any questions or comments about this, please contact me at  Thanks.