Gwinnett County commercial assessment notices were mailed out March 25. The appeal dealine is May 9. Residential notices are to go out April 15 and the deadline to appeal those will be 45 days after or towards the end of May.

Gwinnett County has mailed out the commercial assessment notices to the owner name of record on file.  One may still get a copy of the notice on line.  If one wants to appeal his or her value, he or she must go to the and fill out an on line form and then get it back to the assessor’s office by the appeal deadline.  Take two copies so as to get both of them “stamped” in.  If the commercial property is an income property, the assessor’s office would like to see three years worth.  If it is an undisclosed sale, they want to see a HUD statement or other closing document that shows the sale price.  Please contact me with any questions or comments pertaining to appealing property tax assessments.